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Create your own Facebook group to generate free leads for your MLM / network marketing, direct selling, home business or affiliate marketing venture. This type of group is specifically for people to advertise their business in efforts to recruit prospects into their business… a promo group & not discussion-related only. Discover the advantages and disadvantages before you start your Facebook group because it is a commitment. You will need to create and enforce rules as the Admin. You will need to manually approve members who request to join unless you want a free-for-all mess of fake profiles promoting nonsense and spamming other people’s posts. You will need do use your spidey-sense to determine which profiles are fake & block them before they join plus report their profile to Facebook if you desire. You will either need to remove posts or block/mute people whose posts break your rules. Once your group starts developing into thousands of people you will need to check-in at a least a couple times a day to manage your group. These are some of the disadvantages that will eat up your time. Is it worth it?

So there are some great advantages if you want to run your own Facebook for free lead generation in your network marketing or affiliate program. The biggest one is that you have new people in your marketing niche coming to you on a consistent basis. You are able to promote to them on your group pinned posts, group cover photo, group description and welcome messages to new group members. A number of these people will check out your business and become leads…some will join your business “if” you have a legitimate attractive business for them. I’ve found that several sharp people will friend request you even if they currently aren’t interested in your business… you are establishing new relationships.

Now the reality is that the lead quality you generate in a Facebook group of this type will range from bad to good. Don’t expect to build an empire from your group because you have grown your Facebook group to thousands of members. Treat it as one of your lead generation methods for building your network marketing organization. Before you start your own Facebook group for people posting ads, ask yourself if you seriously are willing to commit some of your time on a daily basis managing it.

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