Concrete Plant Marketplace Review - New and Used Erie Strayer Concrete Plants

Concrete Plant Marketplace Review – New and Used Erie Strayer Concrete Plants

Erie Strayer is a brand most people who have been in the concrete industry for any prolonged period of time are familiar with. Erie Strayer is one of the oldest manufacturers of concrete batch plants and they produce a variety of quality dry and central mix plants at competitive prices.

Recently, rumors have been circulating about the financial strength of their company and the possibility of a past or future bankruptcy. These rumors appear to be unfounded and simply not true. These rumors likely started because when the term “Erie Strayer” is entered into a Google search box the term “erie strayer bankruptcy” appears as an option to search. Upon further investigation there is no record of any past or pending bankruptcy action by the company.

In my opinion, Erie Strayer is not as dominant in the marketplace as they used to be. They have several strong and active dealers and dominate some markets in the northeast and southeast United States. Their plants are in operation across the United States, and globally; but they seem to have major gaps in territory without strong and active dealers or factory representatives.

The quality of Erie Strayer concrete batch plants is and has been consistently good. Owners of Erie Strayer plants may not rave about their brand, but they don’t seem to have much negative to say either. Their equipment tends to operate consistently with a level of maintenance that would be considered “expected” when operating a concrete batch plant. Failure to properly maintain their plants may cause the plant to deteriorate rapidly.

Their new equipment pricing is fair. Considering the entire spectrum of batch plant pricing they would be in on the upper end of the average price or the very low end of the high price. Their pricing is however consistent with their overall plant design, construction and operation.

The used concrete plant market usually has a variety of makes and models of Erie Strayer available, but they are much less common than some of the other brands available in the secondary market. Pricing of their equipment in the market varies widely depending on the age and condition of the plant. It is not uncommon for a 30+ year old fully operational Erie Strayer plant to become available in the secondary marketplace. Conversely, there are commonly 1990’s through late 2000’s models in various conditions available. Their pricing in the used market commonly mirrors pricing of similar equipment by different manufactures of the same class plant.

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