Clapper VS Facebook Algorithm. Is Clapper the Best Facebook Group Alternative?

The Clapper App is a new alternative to Facebook Groups for lead generation & organic marketing that has pure organic reach.

I’m sharing my best tips since joining Clapper that helped me to attract my first 1,000 followers on Clapper, as well as sharing the reasons why I believe Clapper is the #1 new social media app for lead generation and audience attraction.

Want to grow on Clapper Fast? – I’ve explained the two best features that are built into Clapper for growing your audience are

(1) Commenting on Other People’s Relevant Videos
(2) Going LIVE on Clapper

We’ve used these two strategies in my community to quickly get lots of followers and video views, completely organically, without bringing over a huge following from TikTok or Facebook.

Here’s a link to my Clapper Profile
(would love to connect with you there):

Because Clapper is an ad-free app, it is a purely organic platform, which means the Clapper algorithm actually shows your content to your followers. This is a refreshing alternative to Facebook Groups that recently cut engagement to their groups…and have left coaches, experts, service providers looking for a new solution.

The threat of a nationwide ban on TikTok in the US has also fueled the growth of Clapper. It’s trending on Google. And social media trendsetter Gary Vee has also recently joined Clapper.

Combine that with an algorithm that’s fair and shows Creator’s Content instead of ads, and you have the perfect situation for Clapper to continue to grow and secure a permanent position as one of the top social media apps.

It’s the perfect time to get on Clapper as it’s growing fast, and still remains widely unknown. It’s one of the best places to connect with your audience and form communities of potential clients that gives us a reach that’s even better than Facebook Groups were in the last couple of years.

If you’d like to know other alternatives to Facebook Groups for attracting clients with organic marketing, you’ll want to register for my 14 part series here that show you the best alternatives for attracting ideal clients to Facebook Groups:


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