Chiropractic Marketing With Facebook PPC

Chiropractic Marketing With Facebook PPC

Facebook has certainly created a swarm of buzz over the last two years. This mammoth social network now boasts over 600 million users and is growing by a few hundred thousand users daily. Simply put, it’s where the people are. Chiropractic marketing on Facebook can be very lucrative, getting doctors floods of new patients monthly if it’s done right. The overwhelming majority of chiropractors don’t realize it’s potential because their strategy is lacking or too dispersed.

Let’s talk about Facebook PPC (pay-per-click), otherwise known as Facebook ads marketing.

This medium affords chiropractors a way to INSTANTLY turn the traffic on to their website. There’s no need to wait a few weeks or months for organic search engine optimization to kick-in. The good news is that doctors will pay much less per click that on Google AdWords.

Chiropractic marketing using Facebook PPC can be just as targeted, though. You get the luxury of targeting your ads by city and interest, among other things.

Here’s a quick tip.

Before using Facebook ads to drive traffic, you’ll want to make sure that you’re able to capture that incoming traffic on a website or Facebook fan page. You’ll pay a lower cost per click if you drive the traffic to a fan page but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bring them to your site as well.

To prevent the incoming traffic from bouncing off the site, create an email opt-in form with a landing page. This limits the choices and distractions for potential new patients as they visit your site.

You’ll want to offer some type of ethical bribe to get their name and email. Free reports in conjunction with contests usually work well at accomplishing this. You can even create a free video mini-course.

Should you decide to send PPC traffic to a page that doesn’t have a place to capture information, you’re wasting your money. Most chiropractors do this then get turned off by Facebook ads, saying they don’t work, They do work, in fact! You just need to make sure you’re doing it the right way.

Do NOT short-cut this step or you’ll be sorry. Once you have the landing page set-up, then you’re ready to dig deep into the creative side of the ad itself.

You’ll be able to use a title, an image, and a short ad description to try and pull attention to get a high percentage of clicks. I could literally write a fifty page book on that subject. For now though, make sure you have the foundation laid before you drive traffic.

When you build an email list, it’s so powerful because you can now communicate with them anytime you wish. It’s the one thing Google or Facebook cannot take away from you. The chiropractors who are just crushing-it with chiropractic marketing online are using their email list in conjunction with everything else.

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