Chili’s Happy Hour Drinks and Specials

Cheers! Relax with friends and co-workers at Chili’s without breaking your budget. 

The popular restaurant is known for its Margarita of the Month. A new holiday or seasonal margarita is available every month at a special price — all day, all month long. 

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However, Chili’s also offers specials on food and drinks during its Happy Hour. It’s an opportunity to enjoy your favorite drinks and snacks for a fraction of the price.

Happy Hour days and times, as well as the drink and food specials available, vary by location. You can expect discounts on beer, wine and cocktails, as well as select appetizers. 

Many locations offer Happy Hour specials in the late afternoon until early evening or, on select days, until closing. In addition, select locations offer Happy Hour deals all day on Saturday and Sunday. Be sure to confirm the days and hours before making plans. 

Check here to find the specific details of your neighborhood Chili’s Happy Hour

Keep an eye on the Happy Hour menu, as the specials change periodically.

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