Brothers Bar & Grill

Brothers Bar & Grill – A Kansas City Staple

Brothers Bar & Grill in Kansas City began its journey in 1990 when two brothers, Mark and Mike LaScala, opened their first establishment in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. They created a place where friends could gather, enjoy good food, and have a great time. With its success, the brothers expanded and eventually opened their Kansas City location in the heart of the Power & Light District.

Brothers Bar & Grill quickly became a staple in the Kansas City community. It offers an extensive menu with classic American dishes, delicious appetizers, and signature drinks. The bar has 20 taps, offering an excellent selection of both domestic and imported beers as well as a creative cocktail menu.

The road to success for the Brothers Bar & Grill in Kansas City was not without hurdles. Despite being in a prime location in the Power & Light District, the bar faced stiff competition from other restaurants and bars in the area. The owners realized that they needed to find a way to stand out from the competition and attract more customers.

That’s where AdvertiseKC stepped in. AdvertiseKC is a full-service advertising and marketing agency based in Kansas City, providing customized solutions for businesses looking to increase their visibility and grow their customer base. Brother Bar & Grill hired AdvertiseKC to create a comprehensive marketing campaign that could help them stand out in an incredibly competitive market.

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In addition to that, AdvertiseKC also aggressively targeted local event marketing campaigns and email promotion to specifically target potential customers that may be interested in events or other promotional activities that Brothers Bar & Grill had planned.

The Results Speak For Themselves

Thanks to the comprehensive campaign developed by AdvertiseKC, Brothers Bar & Grill has seen a considerable increase in business. They have attracted new customers, and their loyal customers have been returning more frequently. The targeted campaign created by AdvertiseKC has helped to differentiate them from the competition and highlight Brothers Bar & Grill as the unique establishment it is.

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Pricing for AdvertiseKC

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Q: What type of food can I expect to find at Brothers Bar & Grill?
A: Brothers Bar & Grill offers classic American dishes such as burgers, sandwiches, and salads, as well as delicious appetizers like wings, nachos, and their famous Loaded Tots!

Q: How many taps does Brothers Bar & Grill have, and what kind of beer do they serve?
A: Brothers Bar & Grill has 20 taps, offering an excellent selection of both domestic and imported beers. They also have a creative cocktail menu.

Q: Where is Brothers Bar & Grill located?
A: Brothers Bar & Grill is located in the heart of the Power & Light District at 900 W. Missouri Avenue, Kansas City, MO.

Q: How can I contact Brothers Bar & Grill for more information?
A: Contact Brothers Bar & Grill by phone at (816) 389-4180 or email them at info@brotherskc.com.

Q: Does Brothers Bar & Grill offer catering?
A: Yes, Brothers Bar & Grill offers catering services for events. Contact them for more information.

Social Media links

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BrothersPowerLight/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brotherspowerlight/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BrothersPwrLght

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