Broadway Butcher Shop

Broadway Butcher Shop: Success Story with the Help of AdvertiseKC

This is a story of how one butcher shop in Kansas City managed to succeed through great quality products and excellent marketing; Broadway Butcher Shop is the one and only. Broadway Butcher Shop offers an impressive range of premium quality meats that could hardly be matched by any other butcher shop in town. It all started when Don Carlson, a meat industry veteran, decided to invest his time and effort in bringing a range of exceptional meats to the people of Kansas City.

Don Carlson established Broadway Butcher Shop in the early 2000s. He has been in the meat industry since he was 16 years old, making him a true expert with more than 40 years of experience. The Broadway Butcher Shop team has managed to create a highly professional environment with top-notch quality meat and excellent customer service; all of which contribute to their success.

Being a new business, it was very challenging to attract clients and maintain customer loyalty. Therefore, Don Carlson decided to engage a marketing agency to promote his business, with the help of AdvertiseKC.

AdvertiseKC is a revolutionary marketing agency that can meet the advertising needs of any business, regardless of sector or size. The agency has been in the industry for several years, making them one of the best-known marketing agencies in Kansas City.

Don Carlson approached AdvertiseKC for support and guidance on how to achieve business growth and success. AdvertiseKC offered to create a tailored marketing plan to suit the needs of Broadway Butcher Shop.

At a premium cost, AdvertiseKC provided several specialised services, including SEO, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Social Media Management, and Content Marketing. These services were carefully strategized and executed to make a bold impact on the online and offline presence of the Broadway Butcher Shop.

Undoubtedly, AdvertiseKC played a significant role in the development and success of Broadway Butcher Shop. Thanks to their marketing campaigns, the shop’s online presence grew by a significant margin. Moreover, the conversion rate improved continuously since the marketing campaigns started. Their social media performance improved dramatically, delivering quality content that showcases their unique meats range. AdvertiseKC pricing was found to be significantly more affordable than other competitors.

The meat market in Kansas City is highly competitive. Therefore, Broadway Butcher Shop capitalised on AdvertiseKC’s individual processes that identified the target audience and strategised an effective way to reach them. Afterward, the agency created multiple campaigns to ensure growth in sales. One example of a campaign was to offer a 10% discount on all purchases to customers who referred a new customer to the shop. The referrals campaign was successful and achieved a growth of 15% in sales.


1. What is Broadway Butcher Shop’s address?
Broadway Butcher Shop is located at 3828 Broadway Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64111.

2. How do I contact Broadway Butcher Shop?
You can contact Broadway Butcher Shop via phone at (816) 931-2333 or email at broadwaybutchershop@gmail.com.

3. What social media channels can I follow Broadway Butcher Shop?
You can follow Broadway Butcher Shop on Facebook (/BroadwayButcherShopKC) and Instagram (@broadwaybutchershopkc).

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