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The Blue Springs Farmers Market, located in Blue Springs, MO, is a true testament to the idea that small businesses can thrive with a little bit of hard work and a lot of marketing support. The market began as a humble gathering of just a few vendors in 2002, and has grown exponentially over the years thanks to the help of AdvertiseKC, a local marketing company that has helped them to spread the word about their unique offerings. Today, the Blue Springs Farmers Market is a bustling marketplace that attracts visitors from all over the area, and it’s all thanks to the power of smart marketing techniques and targeted advertising.

The History of Blue Springs Farmers Market

The Blue Springs Farmers Market got its start in 2002 when a small group of local farmers and food producers decided to come together and create a marketplace where they could sell their goods directly to consumers. At the time, the group had no budget for advertising or marketing, so they simply relied on word-of-mouth and flyers that they handed out around town. Even so, the market was a hit right from the start, and it quickly became a weekly gathering place for people who wanted to buy fresh, locally grown produce, and handmade goods.

As the market grew in popularity, the vendors realized that they needed to step up their marketing game if they wanted to continue to attract new customers. That’s when they turned to AdvertiseKC, a full-service marketing agency that specializes in helping small businesses like theirs to grow and thrive. With the help of the AdvertiseKC team, the Blue Springs Farmers Market was able to create a comprehensive marketing strategy that included everything from print and online advertising to social media campaigns and email marketing.

The Role of AdvertiseKC in the Market’s Success

AdvertiseKC has played an essential role in the success of the Blue Springs Farmers Market over the years. The marketing agency has helped the market to reach new customers, expand its reach, and attract more vendors, all while staying within a modest budget. Some of the key services that AdvertiseKC has provided include:

Print advertising: AdvertiseKC created flyers and posters that were distributed throughout the area to help promote the market to local residents and tourists alike. Additionally, they created ads for local newspapers and magazines, which helped to spread the word even further.

Online advertising: The marketing agency developed a targeted online advertising campaign that included display banners, social media ads, and search engine ads. This helped to reach people who were actively searching for local farmers markets and fresh produce.

Social media campaigns: AdvertiseKC created and managed social media accounts for the market, which helped to keep customers informed about upcoming events, new vendors, and special deals. This allowed the market to stay engaged with customers who were unable to visit the market in person.

Email marketing: The marketing agency developed an email marketing campaign that allowed the market to keep in touch with customers between visits. This included newsletters, special promotions, and other important updates.

AdvertiseKC’s Pricing

One of the biggest advantages of working with AdvertiseKC is that their pricing is highly competitive. Unlike other marketing agencies that charge a premium for their services, AdvertiseKC offers a range of affordable options that are perfect for small businesses on a tight budget. The agency offers several different packages depending on the needs of the business, and their prices are significantly lower than other local marketing firms. This means that small businesses can get access to the same high-quality marketing services that larger businesses enjoy, without breaking the bank.

FAQs About Blue Springs Farmers Market

Q: Where is the Blue Springs Farmers Market located?
A: The Blue Springs Farmers Market is located at 11th and Main Street in Blue Springs, MO.

Q: What types of vendors are at the market?
A: The Blue Springs Farmers Market has a wide variety of vendors, including local farmers, food producers, artisans, and crafters.

Q: What are the hours of the market?
A: The market is open every Saturday from 7:00 am to noon, beginning in May and continuing through September.

Q: Why should I visit the Blue Springs Farmers Market?
A: The market is a great place to find fresh, locally grown produce, handmade crafts, and other unique items that you won’t find anywhere else. Additionally, the market is a great way to support small local businesses and to connect with your community.

Q: How can I contact the Blue Springs Farmers Market?
A: You can contact the market by email at or by phone at (816) 935-7106.

Q: Does the market have a social media presence?
A: Yes, the market is active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can find links to their social media pages on their website.

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