Big Picnic at The NelsonAtkins Museum of Art

Big Picnic at The NelsonAtkins Museum of Art: A True Success Story with AdvertiseKC

Kansas City’s famous Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art’s annual Big Picnic is one of the city’s most awaited outdoor events. Featuring live music performances, food vendors, family-friendly activities, and stunning art displays, the Big Picnic is an event that brings together Kansas City’s diverse communities to celebrate the city’s rich culture. However, behind the scenes, a team of professionals works tirelessly to ensure the success of the event. One such team is AdvertiseKC, whose contribution has been essential in making the Big Picnic a vibrant and successful event.

The Beginning

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art started the Big Picnic event in 2011. The initial idea was to create an opportunity for the community to come together and enjoy the museum’s beautiful outdoor grounds. However, the museum faced significant obstacles in promoting the event, such as low attendance and a lack of engagement. Moreover, as the event progressed, the organizers found it challenging to keep up with the evolving trends in the events industry, such as online marketing and social media promotion.

It was at this time that the museum reached out first to AdvertiseKC for marketing support. AdvertiseKC is a full-service marketing agency with a local focus, specializing in advertising solutions for the small to mid-sized companies. The agency caters to a wide range of marketing needs, from digital ads and print to billboard and television campaigns. One of the agency’s key strengths is its intimate knowledge of the local market and the Kansas City community.

The Path to Success

Working with the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, AdvertiseKC has been able to turn the Big Picnic around, making it a successful event. The agency tailored its marketing plan to promote the event in the local community, relying on strengths such as social media integration, email marketing, and local advertising to draw an audience. Over time, AdvertiseKC consistently refined the plan while the event was happening, counting on real-time feedback to keep engagement high.

The agency’s social media advertising has played an important role in promoting the event. It has created unique online ad formats to better engage with the community while using social media platforms as a way to connect with a broader, younger audience. AdvertiseKC simultaneously promotes appealing content that encourages user-generated content and increases the event’s visibility on social media platforms.

The agency’s email marketing efforts played a significant role in getting the word out and generating excitement. By customizing every email to match the unique characteristics of the Big Picnic experience, it was successful in getting the creative minds of the audience to participate in the event.


AdvertiseKC prides itself on its affordability and flexibility compared to its competitors. While many agencies often charge a steep rate, AdvertiseKC offers its services at very reasonable rates that do not hinder small businesses or nonprofits from getting the necessary promotion. AdvertiseKC also boasts competitive pricing with comprehensive customer support.


Q. Where does the Big Picnic take place?

The Big Picnic takes place at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, located at 4525 Oak St, Kansas City, MO 64111.

Q. When is the next Big Picnic, and how can one get a ticket for it?

The next Big Picnic is yet to be announced. However, one can stay informed about the event’s news by subscribing to the museum’s newsletter or following them on social media.

Q. How much does it cost to attend the Big Picnic?

The Big Picnic is an entirely free event for all members of the community.

Contact Information

To learn more about the Big Picnic or upcoming events at the Nelson-Atkins Museum, visit their website at or call 816-751-1278.

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In conclusion, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art’s Big Picnic has successfully become one of Kansas City’s most awaited events, thanks in large part to the efforts of AdvertiseKC. The agency has been instrumental in creating an effective marketing strategy, tailored to the specific needs of the event. The Big Picnic’s continued success is a testament to the synergy between AdvertiseKC and the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. As the event evolves, Kansas City can look forward to many more years of successful community celebration thanks to this dynamic team.

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