Article Writing is Your Key to Online Marketing Success

Article Writing is Your Key to Online Marketing Success

All Internet marketers need traffic. This is a gospel truth because if you do not have traffic you are doomed in your online business. You probably may have followed the advice of some online marketing gurus who told you that they could show you the way to massive traffic, took your money and left you broke. If that describes you then you know that feelings that comes to you with broken dreams.

You may have thought to yourself that you want to quit because this Internet business in not all that it promises. But I am here to tell you that the Internet is what success people online say it is. Without a doubt, I tell you not to quit. There is a better way of marketing online and this means that there is hope for you. Maybe you are like the prodigal son in the bible who spent all his money in the world and starving, had to come home to his senses and change course for the better.

I tell you the truth, you have come home to the best and easiest way to make money online and it is no other than article marketing. If you want great benefits that does not cost you anything, then Article writing is for you. It is like the biblical quote that said. “And you will buy without money.” But I tell you the truth in article marketing, you definitely sell your products and services without any advertising budget. So what are the benefits of article marketing?


All that you are required to do is to write articles and submit them to article directories. What that will do for you is that it will generate public exposure to your products and service without investing a red hot cent. Since the Internet was created with information in mind, the only thing that brings you traffic is Information. Trying to sell to people straight off will destroy you Internet business for you. With that said, I’ll advice you to write articles for the Internet on a consistent basis and writing useful and helpful articles to promote your own website, blog or product is no exception.

Articles that you write today may quickly spread to many websites to be read by millions of people tomorrow. It is a task worthy of effort so do not discount its effectiveness because it works. Articles that you write to promote your business is a work horse that keeps on working and working and working without end. Many Internet marketers have said that articles that they wrote several months ago are still been read and used on other people’s website even several years later. It may be a slow process but how do you care? Time is a relative force that works for those who wait.

Most article marketers know that search engines love articles and will go at great length to index great articles so that they will reveal it to people who go to the search engines to search for information. This means that the articles that you write must be A-!. It must be useful and helpful if not it will not get the effect you want. You must be careful with grammar and spelling to help create the correct image for you. Sooner or later many will flock to the web to search for you articles to include them on their site or just read and enjoy it. As the word goes around about you so does your readership increase and with the resultant profits that pours easily into your bank account. And that is how you can easily reach qualified buyers and make money.

Article writing is a number’s game. Like everything in life the more you do it the more you get or the better you become. And to tell you the truth, article writing is not for lazy people. If you are lazy then article writing is not for you but you cannot be lazy because even thought article writing is a numbers game, it is not something you do rushing neither do you resort to the competitors attitude either. Meaning there is no competition in article writing. The secret to success is that you must take your time and write clearly and compel people to want to read it. If you can write compelling articles even though you may write few, it will go a long way to help you publicize your products and services to the millions of people who come to the Interent to gather information. By writing regularly, you can reach affiliates or joint venture partners who can help your sales’ potential.

Do not take article writing for granted. There is no telling where you articles may end up. And where it ends up, it may be used for many years to come and all that exposure will be alchemically turned into pure cash for you. But you may be wondering where your writing may appear? To be frank with you I do not know but I can give you some few ideas that may help you understand where your articles may possibly end.

Your articles may be used by website owners within the niche of the article. An ezine operator may use your article in their ezine for their ezine readers to read. It is possible that your work could end up in somebody’s book, newsletter or magazine. An author may ask permission from you to use your article in his or her book and then reward you with the credit. If your article is great and helpful, one may be invited to speak about the subject matter and this will create credibility to you as an expert in that niche and in the long run gain you not only credibility and respect but also money. Your writing may earn you the benefit of being called to speak on Radio and TV shows. A newspaper may even invite you respond to interviews which when published even further your popularity for more money.

One may not have to wait too long till incredible results are seen in your article marketing efforts. When you submit your articles to ezines and article directories all over the Internet and high ranking sites use your articles, the high ranking effects of the highly ranked sites would rub off on you and start making your money as many people start to reading your articles.

Oh least I forget; you will get back links automatically to your sites and that is a great added bonus for just submitting articles. When Google and the other search engines change their algorithms, you will not worry about that because you are not worried about the nitty gritty of how the search engines work. All that you are interested in doing is writing articles that no matter how often the search engine algorithms change will not matter to you because you know that your articles are good and search engines love good articles so that is the end of the story.Your published works prove you’re an expert — at least in the eyes of readers who view you as knowledgeable. You also establish credibility and trust. Your words can create your own brand for your website and business.

When you write articles and share them with the Internet crowd you will have clout and this clout will help you down the road to help you succeed massively online and this can build rapport with your readers too and generally bring your satisfaction and wealth.

You may get some few friendly emails from your readers thanking you for helping them with your articles. Don’t you think that this will be very satisfying to you? I don’t know about you but I will be greatly elated by knowing how I have helped a total stranger with my writing. So there it is: Write helpful and useful articles and it will open incredible opportunities to you that you never knew existed. To your success online.

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