Are we dating the same guy? Manitoba Facebook group aims to find out

A Manitoba Facebook group that helps women discover whether the men they’re dating are seeing other women has helped save some from abusive and deceptive relationships, its founder says — but one lawyer warns posting in it could also lead to legal consequences.

Are We Dating the Same Guy? Manitoba is a private women-only Facebook group where people post photos and other details about their partners or dating prospects to solicit feedback from the collective.

“Sometimes it will be positive information [like], ‘Oh, he’s a great guy,’ but sometimes it will be a few women saying similar negative stories,” said Brittany Isfeld, the creator of the group, which has separate regional versions across Canada and abroad.

“It gives that woman the option…. Oftentimes, she’ll decide not to go through with that.”

Isfeld said she started the group after having a similar experience. While she knew there was already a Winnipeg group, the Gimli, Man., woman said she sensed a need for a collective for women across the province.

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