Are Facebook Groups Still Worth It?

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Are Facebook groups still worth it with Ryan Bowles

In this episode, Ryan Bowles shares his expertise in Facebook group community building and sales. He covers the platform’s effectiveness in building trust, rapport, and relationships. Ryan also discusses his experience in selling and community building, and why he believes Facebook groups are the best medium for gathering people and selling.

He provides insights on quenching pitching and toxic behaviors in groups, creating a healthy and engaged community. Ryan also offers tips on calls to action, emphasizing the importance of guiding conversations in a healthy and engaging way. This episode is a valuable resource for those looking to utilize Facebook groups for community building and sales.

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👂Listen out for:
– Why Facebook groups are still the best platform for community building
– How to build trust, rapport, and relationships through Facebook groups
– Using Facebook groups as a way to gather people and sell effectively

🎙️Guest’s Bio
Ryan Bowles is a community building expert. He helps business owners create and leverage strong communities to drive revenue and build lasting relationships with their clients. With over six years of experience in the industry, Ryan has become a trusted voice in the world of sales and relationship building.

He believes that the key to successful selling is through helping people make the right decision for them, and not because you want them to. Ryan is passionate about teaching others how to sell with love and how to create a culture of community within their businesses.

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