Apple vs Facebook: The Privacy Battle

It’s been said that data is the oil of the 21st century. That’s because just like traditional crude oil in years gone by, data is a vast, incredibly-valuable, and still predominantly untapped resource. And crucially, powerful interests now seem to think it’s worth going to war over.

This month the battle for control over our online data reached boiling point, with a pair of titans making power moves hoping to secure access to it over the coming years. So today we’re strapping on our flak jackets and wading onto the battlefield so we can examine the so-called Privacy War kicking off right now between Apple and Facebook.

Facebook has built a phenomenally successful and lucrative business over the past decade and a half – although it’s not necessarily obvious how Facebook makes money. After all, unlike say Spotify or Netflix, Facebook demands no monthly subscription, with no in-app purchases, from it’s astonishing 2.7 billion-strong user base. You scroll, you post, you ‘like’, and it’s all free… right?

Apple vs Facebook

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