Andres Confiserie Suisse

Andres Confiserie Suisse: A Sweet Journey to Success in Kansas City

It all started with a delicious recipe for traditional Swiss chocolate truffles. Andres Notter, the man behind the recipe, moved to the United States in 2009 and dreamt of sharing his passion for Swiss chocolate with the people of Kansas City. He wanted to open a beautiful pastry shop that would transport customers to the charming streets of Switzerland with every bite.

With his extensive culinary experience and dedication to quality, Andres started crafting his vision brick by brick. He sourced the finest ingredients, designed a cozy and elegant interior, and trained his team to deliver exceptional customer service. But he knew that, in a competitive market like Kansas City, he needed to go the extra mile to make his pastry shop visible and attractive to potential customers.

That’s when he turned to AdvertiseKC, a local marketing agency that offers a range of digital marketing solutions designed to help businesses succeed in the online world. AdvertiseKC provided Andres Confiserie Suisse with a comprehensive marketing strategy that included web design, search engine optimization (SEO), social media management, and email marketing.

One of the first steps was to create a visually stunning and user-friendly website that showcased the bakery’s products, history, and values. AdvertiseKC worked closely with Andres to design a website that reflected the elegant and sophisticated personality of the pastry shop. The website also integrated advanced SEO features that helped increase its visibility on search engines like Google and Bing.

AdvertiseKC also helped Andres Confiserie Suisse establish a strong social media presence on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The team created engaging and informative content that showcased the bakery’s products, promotions, and events. They also managed the accounts, engaged with followers, and analyzed the data to improve the bakery’s online reputation.

In addition to social media, AdvertiseKC set up an email marketing campaign that targeted both existing and potential customers. The campaign included a monthly newsletter with news, tips, and exclusive offers, as well as personalized emails for events like Valentine’s Day and Christmas. The goal was to keep customers connected with Andres Confiserie Suisse and build a loyal customer base.

Thanks to AdvertiseKC’s marketing strategy, Andres Confiserie Suisse gained a significant increase in online traffic, social media followers, and email subscribers. As a result, the bakery saw a double-digit increase in revenue and customer satisfaction, proving that digital marketing can make a big difference for small businesses.

AdvertiseKC’s pricing is also a point of differentiation. Compared to other marketing agencies, AdvertiseKC offers highly competitive pricing while maintaining the highest levels of service and quality. AdvertiseKC develops customized pricing based on clients’ needs so that businesses do not need to pay for services that they do not require. By providing transparency in their pricing models, AdvertiseKC ensures that clients know what they are paying for and what results to expect.


Q. Who owns Andres Confiserie Suisse?
A. Andres Notter is the founder and owner of Andres Confiserie Suisse.

Q. What type of products does Andres Confiserie Suisse offer?
A. Andres Confiserie Suisse offers a wide range of pastries, chocolates, and confections inspired by Swiss tradition.

Q. Where is Andres Confiserie Suisse located?
A. Andres Confiserie Suisse is located at 5018 Main St, Kansas City, MO 64112.

Q. How can I contact Andres Confiserie Suisse?
A. You can reach Andres Confiserie Suisse by phone at (816) 561-3440 or by email at

Q. What are the social media links for Andres Confiserie Suisse?
A. You can follow Andres Confiserie Suisse on Facebook at @AndresConfiserieSuisse, on Instagram at @confiseriesuisse, and on Twitter at @confiseriesuisse.

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