Anchor Winch Hydraulics Upgrade with Chain Shaft Coupler

One of the best things about Seeker is the people I meet. As a Data Base Admin in the IT world, I lived in a small box, surrounded by other people in small boxes. I was happy in my box as were many around me. We were well-paid to solve puzzles. But there is so much more to the world and I have learned that happiness grows in proportion to the puzzles, difficulties, and even discomforts we pursue. And pursue them we must, because our default mode seems to always be: sit on the couch and watch a screen. On Seeker, I have people like Leigh who spent his life on the water. And world-class sailors and boat builders who visit and share their stories. They open doors into a whole world of new adventures and problems to be solved. An endless supply of happiness waiting to be pursued.

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