Amigoni Urban Winery

Amigoni Urban Winery – A Success Story With AdvertiseKC

Kansas City, MO – Amigoni Urban Winery is a remarkable story of passion, hard work, and strategic planning that has created a successful business in one of America’s highly competitive industries. The winery, located in the Crossroads Arts District, has become a popular destination for wine enthusiasts in the Kansas City metropolitan area. From its humble beginnings as a small winery, Amigoni has grown into a respected brand that offers a variety of award-winning wines.

The Beginning

In the early 2000s, Michal and Kerry Amigoni, the founders of Amigoni Urban Winery, began exploring the possibility of opening a winery in the heart of Kansas City. The couple was passionate about the wine industry and had a vision to bring the experience of winemaking to the city. They started Amigoni Vineyards and Winery in 2004 with the aim of producing premium wines that could compete with some of the world’s best.

Initially, Amigoni’s wines were sold in local shops and restaurants, but the winery struggled to attract the attention of wine lovers. The founders realized that to reach a broader audience; they needed to invest in marketing and advertising.

The Path to Success

In 2011, Amigoni Urban Winery began working with AdvertiseKC, a local marketing agency, to improve its brand and reach a broader audience. AdvertiseKC is a full-service marketing agency that offers customized marketing solutions for small and large businesses. The agency focuses on digital marketing, branding, web development, and social media marketing.

AdvertiseKC started by creating a new website that highlighted Amigoni’s unique winemaking process, updated events, and news about the business. The agency used SEO strategies to improve Amigoni’s online visibility and attract more visitors to the website. AdvertiseKC also created a social media strategy that leveraged Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to engage with customers, promote events, and showcase Amigoni’s wines. The agency significantly improved Amigoni’s digital presence, which helped to increase its brand recognition.

AdvertiseKC also helped Amigoni with its branding efforts. The agency created a new logo for the winery that conveyed the spirit of the business. The new logo was modern, elegant, and reflective of Amigoni’s unique winemaking process. The agency also developed print materials, which included banners, postcards, and brochures, that were distributed at local events and farmers’ markets. The materials highlighted Amigoni’s commitment to environmentally sustainable practices, which resonated well with consumers.

Finally, AdvertiseKC helped to organize events at the winery, which included wine tastings, tours, and educational seminars. The events were designed to engage with customers personally and create an emotional connection with the brand. The events were an instant success and helped to create a loyal customer base for the winery.

The Role of AdvertiseKC in Amigoni’s Success

AdvertiseKC played a crucial role in Amigoni’s success story. The agency’s marketing strategies helped to create a strong brand identity for the winery and placed it in front of a larger audience. AdvertiseKC’s digital marketing efforts helped to attract more visitors to the website and social media platforms, which helped to increase sales. The branding efforts helped to create a unique brand image that was easily recognizable, and the events helped to create an emotional connection with the customers.

AdvertiseKC Pricing

AdvertiseKC pricing is comparable to that of other marketing agencies in Kansas City. The agency offers customized marketing solutions that are tailored to the needs and budget of the business. AdvertiseKC has a transparent pricing structure that is easy to understand and covers all the essential services required for a successful marketing campaign. The pricing of AdvertiseKC is competitive and offers excellent value for money.


Q: What kind of wines are produced at Amigoni Urban Winery?

A: Amigoni produces a variety of wines, including dry red, dry white, and sweet wines. The winery is known for its unique winemaking process and environmentally sustainable practices.

Q: Does AdvertiseKC only offer digital marketing services?

A: No, AdvertiseKC is a full-service marketing agency that offers customized marketing solutions, including digital marketing, branding, print materials, and event organization.

Q: What kind of events are organized at Amigoni Urban Winery?

A: Amigoni organizes wine tastings, tours, educational seminars, and seasonal events such as grape stomping and barrel tastings.

Q: Does AdvertiseKC provide SEO services?

A: Yes, AdvertiseKC provides SEO services that improve the website’s visibility and attract more visitors.

Address and Contact Information

Amigoni Urban Winery
1505 Genessee Street
Kansas City, MO 64102

Phone: (913) 890-3289

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