Alibaba 40 Dongalu Telugu Full Movie | NTR, Jayalalitha | Sri Balaji Video

Watch & Enjoy Alibaba 40 Dongalu Telugu Full Movie (720p) Starring NTR, Jaya Lalitha, Kaikala, Naga Bhushanam, Allu Ramalingaiah, Director B.Vitala Charya, Music Composed by Ghantasala.

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Marziana (Bhanumathi) is a popular dancer in Baghdad, who dances to earn a living. The tyrant Sher Khan, commander of the notorious king Amir Kasim Khan, tries to take her by force to his palace. She is rescued by Alibaba (MGR), who fights with Sher Khan and vanquishes him. Marziana and her sidekick Dowlat (K. Sarangkapani) find refuge in Alibaba’s house. Alibaba is a poor woodcutter and lives with his sister Ayisha (Susheela) and servant Bulbul (M. N. Rajam). Marziana learns that they are the siblings of Kasim, who had driven them out at the instigation of his cruel wife Salima (Vidyavati). Marziana and Alibaba later fall in love.

One day, when Alibaba goes to cut wood as usual, he chances upon the cavernous hideout of Abu Hussain (P. S. Veerappa), the notorious leader of forty dacoits, and overhears the secret code to enter and exit the cave. After the dacoits leave, Alibaba uses the code word, enters the hideout and takes some of the looted wealth which he uses to help the poor people around. Both Alibaba and Marziana become wealthy overnight.

Amir Kasim Khan (M. G. Chakrapani) becomes jealous when he hears about his brother’s fortune, and wants to find out how Alibaba became rich overnight. Under Salima’s guidance, he invites Alibaba and his household for a feast. Cunningly obtaining the secret of the robbers’ cave from Alibaba, he then orders Alibaba’s arrest, accusing him falsely of attempted murder. Marziana pretends to hail Kasim’s order. She declares that Alibaba had been unfaithful to her and he deserved this retribution. Taking a knife, Marziana acts as though she means to kill Alibaba, but instead cuts the ropes that bind his hands. Alibaba is freed and after defeating Kasim’s thugs, escapes with Marziana.

Kasim enters the cave and greedily starts collecting many treasures. Soon he forgets the code word, and is left trapped. The dacoits arrive, and kill him for entering their secret cave. Alibaba visits the cave and is shocked to see his brother dead, later he takes away the corpse. After Kasim’s death is publicly announced, Alibaba is declared the king of Baghdad and everyone rejoices. Meanwhile, the dacoits return to their cave and see that Kasim’s body is missing. Realizing that someone else has entered their cave, they start searching for the mystery person.

From the cobbler Gulam’s (Thangavelu) assertion that the woodcutter Alibaba had become wealthy overnight, Abu Hussain realizes that it is Alibaba who discovered the secret of his cave. However, he kills the cobbler afterwards. Having his men hidden inside barrels, Abu Hussain comes to Alibaba’s house disguised as an oil merchant seeking shelter for the night. However, Marziana overhears him whispering to his men hidden in the barrels, and realizes his true identity. When she dances at a banquet that Alibaba hosts in honour of the guest, Dowlat and Bulbul roll the barrels one by one into the swirling waters as per the plan. After Marziana unsuccessfully tries to stab the “oil merchant”, she exposes him as Abu Hussain and Alibaba is shocked. This leads to a fight between the two men, which results in Abu Hussain kidnapping Marziana and fleeing to the secret cave. Alibaba chases him and reaches the cave, where he kills Abu Hussain after an intense battle. After Alibaba rescues Marziana, they both get married and continue to serve the poor people.

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