Advertising Agency Studio Tour w/ Ayzenberg Group, Video Games, Tech, & Brands

Get an inside look at a nontraditional advertising agency in this studio tour. On this episode of Snapshot, Chris Do takes some time to visit his friend Matt Bretz, vice president and creative director at Ayzenberg Group. The Ayzenberg is essentially a marketing and advertising agency based in Pasadena, California.

Ayzenberg ( employs over 170 people. Their busy and well-lit space, sharply designed by Richard Corsini of Corsini Stark Architects, is filled with amazing works by artists that have been employed by the agency like Tim Biskup. The central philosophy at Ayzenberg is based on a triangular iterative process between the client, creation, and sharing.

Chris observes the inner workings and day-to-day operations at the agency, speaking with several employees about their past, present, and future work. From Ayzenberg’s work with Xbox and the gaming industry to their marketing insider publication, Frontline, we’re given a behind the scenes look into how their projects come to life.

Brand identity, commercials, packaging, and online content can all be produced in-house at Ayzenberg. Innovative techniques and technologies are being developed to help match brands with relevant influencers via ION, the Influencer Orchestration Network, and their project Brand Soulmates, a proprietary algorithmic solution for identifying influencers. Chris asks how up-and-coming influencers can be more easily seen by these systems.

Chris also takes a look at employees using special software to make movies with video games. Capture directors take advantage of virtual cameras in video game development builds to capture footage of players in-game. With this captured footage, editors create compelling movies via storytelling for the promotion of upcoming games.

Ayzenberg Group photographer, Shaun Lang, is featured as he takes stunning photographs a new Microsoft Surface Pro, and gives us a brief look into his background as a product photographer.

Kai Mildenberger speaks with Chris about social media, and how those networks have given Ayzenberg the ability to create, “authentic influence” directly, and the potential for scientific measuring of social activity to give advertisers the ability to create viral videos from data.

Matt Bretz wraps up Chris’ visit with his ideas regarding the “death” of advertising and the 30 second TV spot, offering his views on the future (and The Futur).


01:02 Meet Matt Bretz – Executive Creative Director
01:23 Contemporary Art & Building Architecture
02:12 Video Pipeline
03:14 Dynamic Creative Flow: Listen – Create – Share
04:18 Meet Stu Pope (Principal, Creative Director) & Matt Rice (VP, Creative Operations)
05:12 Q: Does it help a candidate if they are into playing games?
05:58 Meet Julie Shen (Sr. Art Director) & Keith Ewing (Creative Director)
07:20 [A] list daily team
08:06 Social Listening for Data informed targeting
08:31 [ION] team – Patricia Wayne (Account Supervisor)
09:35 Q: What qualifications do I need to get on your radar as an influencer?
10:07 [Games] Game Capture – Ray Ferri (Director)
11:33 Shaun Lang – Ayzenberg Official Photographer
12:25 Meet Kai Mildenberger (CTO)
13:16 Q: Can you engineer viral content?
13:42 Advertising is an entirely different animal than it was years ago.
15:06 Outro / Entrance to Ayzenberg

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