AdvertiseKC Facebook Group Moderator Information

What is an AdvertiseKC Facebook Group Moderator?

AdvertiseKC Facebook Groups are a network of local KC people brought together by all kinds of topics and things. AdvertiseKC shares ads in these groups for local businesses. AdvertiseKC gives local business the access they need to compete with much larger competition. 


Our AdvertiseKC Facebook Groups are operated by Moderators. They remove bad posts and help the community grow. However, Our AdvertiseKC Facebook Group Moderators are also AdvertiseKC Partners. AdvertiseKC Partners share to group members as a Moderator in our KC Facebook Groups and earn 50% of what is spent by AdvertiseKC Sponsors.

Our KC Facebook Group Moderators share AdvertiseKC with small businesses they see in the group. Moderators let business know that AdvertiseKC can bring in more exposure than just posting in a group.

Hundreds of businesses post ads in our groups every day and each one of them is a perfect target for moderators to share AdvertiseKC with. Extremely Targeted Users = High Conversion Rates + EARN 50% FOR LIFE!!

AdvertiseKC Facebook Group

If you were a Moderator in one of our KC Groups and are no longer a Moderator it was due to the changes we have made. We have decided to request that all Moderators register to be an AdvertiseKC Sponsor. 

Simply Register to be a Partner and We will walk you through the setup.

That's easy. Just Register right here on AdvertiseKC. Here's the link. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Moderators make money when they share links in any of our AdvertiseKC Groups or anywhere else on the internet. When someone clicks your link and becomes a sponsor, you make 50% which is usually $25 Bucks!

We make all of our KC Groups available to our moderators to make sure they have a large pool of leads to grab from. We invite each partner to become moderator in all of our groups. This makes it easier than having to find places to share. 

Post our Link = Earn $$$

There are a few ways to share AdvertiseKC. You want to make sure you use every angle you can get. We provide you with as many angles as we can.

1. When User Joins - When a user joins the group, the moderators have to approve them. This means that  moderators have the first look at new people and businesses joining the Facebook Group. We ask that the user supply us with 3 pieces of info to help our moderators reach out to them.

  1. Email address - (To contact user about AdveretiseKC)
  2. Are you a business - (To determine if they are a business)
  3. Are you interested in being a Moderator. (To Determine if they want to be a Partner)

Those 3 points will make converting Group Member Joins into sales all day long! If a user neglects to answer any of the questions the moderator will have the info needed to reach out and request they enter the info.

2. When user Posts - When users post into our Facebook groups a moderator must approve or reject them individually. This allows for moderators to see when a business posts and ad. Then the moderator can choose how to approach the new user about AdvertiseKC.

3. Regular Posting - Moderators can post regularly about AdvertiseKC and how the benefits of being a sponsor. This is typically done by Moderators sharing Sponsors Ads with their links to AdvertiseKC.

When you register to become an AdvertiseKC sponsor we give you a login that you can access your Special Link. Your special link is what you will share with people in groups or anywhere on the internet. This link allows for AdvertiseKC to not only track when someone clicks on the link but it allows us to track when they pay. Even if they come back later. Everyone that becomes an AdvertiseKC Sponsor from your link will earn you 50% of everything that sponsor spends. 

You can share AdvertiseKC with anyone you want on any website you want. You can share us with Twitter and Instagram etc. We do not restrict how you share. We have many blogs and influencers sharing AdvertiseKC as well as our Facebook communities.

If you don't have a successful website or blog and you aren't a huge social media influencer that's OK. We provide our Partners with one of the largest KC Audiences you can find anywhere. 

Once you have joined all of our Facebook Groups you will see all kinds of opportunities to let people know about AdvertiseKC.

You sure can. The special link we provide to our Sponsors after they join will track when you refer another sponsor because we pay you 10% of everything they earn! If you refer a sponsor that performs well and he earns $100k you earn $10k for doing almost nothing! Start Sharing AdvertiseKC Today!

When an AdvertiseKC Partner earns commissions and its time to pay, we offer a few methods. PayPal, Cash App and Wire Transfer. If you have any other methods of payment let us know and we can work with you on the platform you are most comfortable with.

WE PAY EVERY FIRDAY to make sure our Partners have that $$ BY THE WEEKEND! This is why PayPal and Cash App are the most popular option for our Partners. 

Oh we do! We do all day long on all platforms and to everyone we see. But there are only 2 of us here at AdvertiseKC. So we decided to include the community and build a system that can offer income to 100's of local KC community members in a long term sustainable way. Facebook Groups is only growing larger.  There is plenty of room for all of us.

Become an AdvertiseKC Moderator Today!

There is nothing nothing to lose. Get paid for being on Facebook for doing the things you are already doing.