A Unique Way to Use Facebook Groups

Joe Kampert is one-half of the father and son team that founded Redwood Agency Group in Austin, Texas, where agents in all parts of the country service clients with all types of insurance needs. Joe joins the Stay Paid pals to talk about The Insurance Syndicate, a private Facebook Group that aims to disrupt the insurance industry. Members are engaged, and they’re all about helping each other with full transparency about what works. Listen to Joe talk about how he’s changing the face of the insurance industry by bringing insurance agents together; his attitude about failing when scaling a business, and why caring about people is never the wrong strategy; his thoughts about how you meet the needs of a diverse, online audience; and how he recruits agents and converts prospects by focusing on opportunities and not products.

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Facebook Group: Insurance Syndicate – https://bit.ly/3eC1QqZ
Website: redwoodagencygroup.com

0:00 Introduction
2:16 Joe’s business bio
5:18 Challenges when scaling a business
7:05 Starting up The Insurance Syndicate
9:36 Using Facebook as a recruiting tool
10:20 Attracting followers with content
14:04 The value of moderators
15:54 Lead generation and asking for promotion
19:29 When recruiting, sell the opportunity
23:55 Advice for entrepreneurs who are struggling
26:43 Failure, consequences, and moving forward
32:02 Action Item

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A Unique Way to Use Facebook Groups

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