9 Kansas City Entrepreneurship Podcasts to Help You Grow Your Business

Entrepreneurs and small business owners are constantly trying to acquire new skills and knowledge to survive and thrive in the competitive business landscape. While reading an insightful business book is a great way to gain knowledge and wisdom, not everyone has time in their busy schedule to read.

So what should a busy entrepreneur do? One answer is simple: listen to podcasts! (Specifically, Kansas City podcasts for entrepreneurs.)

Whether you are a student trying to learn more, a business owner who wants to grow or an entrepreneur looking to learn about business strategies, podcasts are great resources for learning more about what is happening in the business world. 

Here are nine Kansas City podcasts to help guide you through your entrepreneurial journey.

Banking on KC

Banking on KC features interviews and conversations with local entrepreneurs and is hosted by Kelly Scanlon, Owner of Interrobang Solutions. Guests include makers, innovators and community leaders who have changed the business, cultural and economic landscape of Kansas City.

Byte by Byte

Keeping up with Kansas City’s bustling tech scene is no easy feat. Join the KC Tech Council team in its podcast Byte by Byte for digestible explanations of business technology topics currently affecting Kansas City.

Kansas City Today

Kansas City Today is a daily news podcast from KCUR Studios bringing you all things Kansas City, wrapped up in 15 minutes or less. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, it’ll be waiting in your podcast feed every weekday.

Lemme Be Brief

Presented by Matt Baysinger, CEO of Swell Spark, and Andy Rieger, President of J. Rieger & Company, each episode of Lemme Be Brief provides a quick download of a single company and that executive’s journey to where they are today.

People of Product

People of Product brings together industry experts to have conversations beyond tech, tools and process. Hosts George Brooks and Dan Linhart, co-founders of Crema, discuss building, leading, equipping and inspiring product teams to create transformational change within companies.

Rounding the Bases with Joel Goldberg

Rounding the Bases provides in-depth interviews with successful entrepreneurs and leaders that compare the winning traits of sports to business. Long-time KC television sportscaster Joel Goldberg discusses teamwork, championship culture, diversity and relationships needed to succeed.

Startup Hustle

Startup Hustle is a podcast, web series and community for entrepreneurs. The podcast tells the real story of startups, entrepreneurs, wins, losses and everything that happens in between. Startup Hustle has a diverse lineup of hosts and specializes in a wide range of topics from getting started to exiting a company, minority entrepreneurship, female innovation and e-commerce.

Voices of Value

In Voices of Value, host Collis Stutzer explores strategies for achieving success and purpose in life, investing and entrepreneurship through engaging conversations.

Winners Win – Kansas City Secrets to Success

Winners Win is a podcast highlighting the awesome people who make up Kansas City. Host Jaime Simpson speaks with entrepreneurs, business owners and people who have achieved greatness in their industry and endeavors. She will talk about what has inspired them, their struggles and how they’ve gotten to the winning position they are in today.

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