8 Key Marketing Strategies for Business Growth With Lead Squirrel President Tate Morgan

On today’s episode of the Living The Wildlife Podcast, wildlife control consultant and host, Stephen Van Tassel, introduces part two of his interview with Tate Morgan, the president of Lead Squirrel, a marketing firm specializing in animal control marketing.

In the interview, Tate Morgan talks about embedding oneself in the community to solidify their place in it. He recommends sponsoring a community Little League team and writing a press release to be sent to the editors of every local newspaper. Tate explains that this is a great way to get local press and a local backlink, which is significant for SEO. He emphasizes that marketing and advertising do not require any magic or special sauce, but instead, it involves being a normal human being and showing people that one exists in a way that provides some value to people without being pushy.

The conversation touches on the potential impact of AI on the marketing community. Tate believes that while AI may not necessarily disrupt the marketing community as a whole, it will disrupt the people who are resistant to change and stick to traditional strategies. The fear of AI taking away jobs from creatives is justified, but the tools being made available will make good creatives better and make middle-of-the-line work irrelevant. This will result in a hollowing out of the industry, where only the people at the top end will benefit, and those in the middle will lose their jobs.

The conversation also draws a parallel between the website and code development industry and the impact of AI on content creation and writing. The availability of website-building tools like Wix, WordPress, and Squarespace has made website creation accessible to anyone, but it also differentiated the best website designers and software developers from others. Similarly, AI will differentiate good content creators from mediocre ones, and those who are resistant to change and adoption of AI will be left behind.

Tate recommends trying out AI and being cognizant of its impact on the industry. Using AI tools like Chat GPT to write agreements can save time and money. However, if one is uncomfortable with AI’s impact on the industry, they can choose not to use it. Tate concludes that adoption of AI is crucial to staying competitive in the industry and encourages people to embrace it.

Tate encourages listeners to be honest about their resources and to provide the necessary information for a successful campaign. Tate also emphasizes the need to align three key factors for effective marketing: intent, copy/creative, and customer experience. He notes that if these three things are in alignment, a company’s conversion rates will improve, and its cost-per-click will decrease.

Tate suggests that businesses should be prepared to provide read access to their analytics and Google ads if they want a more in-depth analysis. However, he notes that if they are not comfortable doing so, they can at least provide their URL and Google business profile for a basic analysis. Tate encourages listeners to understand the competitive nature of some markets and to be willing to spend more if necessary to stand out.

Overall, Tate provides a comprehensive overview of the importance of marketing and advertising for business growth. He stresses the need for companies to have realistic goals and highlights the importance of aligning intent, copy/creative, and customer experience for effective marketing. He recommends that companies be transparent and provide access to their analytics and Google ads for a more in-depth analysis.

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