8 Android Settings You Need To Turn Off Now [2023]

David & David tell you about 8 Android settings you need to turn off now. Changing these settings will help increase your privacy, improve battery life, and protect your data.

We recorded this video using a #Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3. If you have a different phone, or if your Android is running a different version of the OS, the Settings app may look slightly different, but these tips will still work!

1. Introduction [0:00]
2. Turn Off Install Unknown Apps [0:08]
3. Set App Permissions On Your Android [1:13]
4. Turn Off Unnecessary Location Services [2:03]
5. Turn Off Send Diagnostics Data [3:18]
6. Turn Off Google Location History [4:14]
7. Turn Off Usage & Diagnostics [4:39]
8. Opt Out Of Ads Personalization [5:01]
9. Restrict Data Usage Access For Apps [5:49]
10. Turn Off Allow Background Data Usage For Certain Apps [6:48]
11. Thank You, Channel Members! [7:47]

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