5B & Co. Candlemakers

5B & Co. Candlemakers

Karen – marsha@5bandco.com | (816) 898-6401

To understand 5B&Co. Candlemakers/ Five Blessings Candleworks, I think it’s a good idea to let you know something about me. Get inside my head a little bit.

I started making candles in 1992, when my kiddos were little. Being a stay-at-home mom, I needed something to do that didn’t involve help from toddlers. Hot wax fit the bill. When their dad got home, off I went to play in wax!

When my youngest started Kindergarten, I opened a little tiny storefront in Weston, MO. Looking back, it was an amazing season of my life. The kids would get off the school bus and head straight into my shop to hang out with me. It definitely was a family effort, and my now-grown children are better adults having known the ins and outs of small business.

In 2014, I closed my store to travel with my Army (now retired) husband. I missed making candles and now have the best of both worlds: private labeling and selling online. I look like a newbie, but have been around for twenty seven years!

Now here’s where I get sappy….I honestly feel that candle making is my purpose. It has allowed me to have amazing connections with amazing people. When we pour a candle, its not just pouring a candle, there’s a lot of love in that little flicker. Trust me, you’ll feel it when you light it. And we feel it when we pour it for you!