5+ Ways to Turbocharge Member Sign-Ups on Facebook Groups ⚡ Key Marketing Shortcut to Grow FB Groups

👋 Today we’re giving you 5+ ways to turbocharge member sign-ups on your Facebook groups.

Cory Barnes (who has grown multiple large Facebook groups) will be sharing his insight. He has “synergized” his Facebook groups and BD websites using his marketing strategies.
➡️ What’s great about Cory Barnes’ format and strategy is that it can be applied to any niche– These 5+ ways to build your Facebook groups can be easily “adjusted” to what your audience needs to hear.

His ideas are centered around essential marketing ideas like building credibility/trust and guiding the reader to action. Watch the video to see all of Cory’s insight!

💬 Let us know if you are going to use any (or all) of these 5+ ways to turbocharge Facebook group sign-ups in the comments below!

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How to Create Your Own Directory Website

🧭 Video Chapters:

0:00 – Introduction
0:59 – About Cory Barnes & His Business
4:51 – 1) Share Your Website URL In Your Facebook Group Banner Image – Add A Call To Action (CTA)
7:01 – 2) Welcome & Introduce NEW Members In Your Facebook Group… Include A Link To Your Website In The Post
9:30 – 3) Utilize Membership Approval Questions To Capture Contact Info Of New Facebook Group Members
11:33 – 4) Start A “Promote Your Business…” Thread
15:58 – 5) Incentivize Facebook Group Members To Visit Your Website By Offering Them A Freebie (eBook, Guide, Video, etc.)
18:47 – BONUS) Create & Place A Banner Image Linking To Your Facebook Group Directly On Your Website
21:46 – Can Cory’s strategies work for any industry or location-based website and community?
22:37 – FB Group Accelerator – https://fbgroupaccelerator.com

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