$20K Invested to Start an Auto Repair Shop (Did it Work?)

The consistent customer demand for high-quality auto repair makes a mechanic business a great recession-proof option for aspiring entrepreneurs. Lucky Sing started his car repair business, Lucky’s Auto Repair, with $20,000 in 2016.

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Now, he’s bringing in a revenue of more than $40,000 every month, and in this interview, he’s telling our viewers how he achieved that impressive growth.

Lucky worked a traditional 9 to 5 job before starting Lucky’s Auto Repair. He was looking for a career that would give him more of a challenge, and he found that by opening his own mechanic shop. His ability to build and lead a strong team has been a big driver of his company’s growth. In this interview, he’ll share his strategies to find and hire the best talent, along with his advice for other business leaders on how to get the most out of the team you build.

Something else an auto repair shop absolutely needs to succeed is customer trust. We’ll find out where Lucky learned his car repair skills and how he ensures consistent quality and knowledge depth across his team. We’ll also delve into the nuts and bolts of how much it costs to run an auto shop, and find out if the shop’s 10% profit margins are what a new auto shop should target when setting its rates.

Whether you own your own auto shop or are thinking about starting one, you’ll learn a lot of helpful tips from this video! And make sure you check out our other interviews with auto industry business owners:

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0:00 Intro
1:11 How Lucky Got Into The Business
2:38 Most Profitable Services
3:28 Creative Marketing Strategies
4:54 How To Get Started TODAY
6:26 Essentials You Need To Begin
7:50 How To Set Yourself Up For Success
8:54 Deep Dive Into Lucky’s Work
11:03 How Lucky Stands Out Over Competitors
12:27 Systems and Processes
14:19 Let’s Talk Numbers
15:27 Key Factors to Picking a Location
16:31 Advice on How To Scale
18:41 Building a Team
20:26 Learn This Trick with Taxes
21:42 Blitz Time with Lucky!
23:13 Overcoming Challenges
24:16 The Importance of Reviews
25:17 Key To Pricing
26:14 How Lucky Funded His Business
28:17 Necessary Skills To Start
29:14 How To Break Even
30:31 Management Tips
31:18 What Busy Months Are Like
32:42 Why a Website is Important
33:48 Key Resources
35:36 Valuable Training
36:33 The Future of Lucky’s
37:35 How To Avoid This Mistake

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