11 Amazon PPC and Audience Building Hacks and Strategies for Amazon Sellers

Are you looking to build your audience and improve your knowledge of Amazon PPC?

If so, I’ve got a special video for you.

In this video, I answer some great Amazon PPC and Audience Building questions for new and seasoned Amazon Sellers.

This should give you a solid foundation of understanding Amazon Advertising, and how you can build an audience to scale your brand on Amazon… and beyond.

0:03 Why Should You Sell On Amazon
1:27 How You Can Differentiate On Amazon
3:00 The Most Effective Amazon Ad You Can Create
4:24 The Best Way To Scale Amazon PPC Sales
6:50 The Two Things Amazon Focuses On
7:23 What Is Amazon PPC?
9:39 The Recommended Amazon Ad Type
10:45 The Most Common Amazon PPC Mistake
11:40 Amazon Ad Strategy When Low In Stock
13:55 What Is A Good ACOS?
16:48 Travis’s Favorite Amazon Hack
19:03 Building Your Amazon Audience
20:47 The Best Audience Building Platform
21:58 Using Email To Build Your Audience
25:47 The Most Common Audience Building Misconception
27:20 The Importance Of Reviews

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