$10,000 Using Facebook Groups to Grow Membership Websites 🧨 Top Reasons why Facebook Groups Work

What does the journey to making $10,000 using a membership website?
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In this video, Cory Barnes answers all your questions and talks about how he used Facebook groups to grow membership websites.
➡️ See, using Facebook groups to grow your site can be a very effective strategy. But, you have to do it right.
In this video, we’ll talk about the benefits of Facebook groups, then give you some under-utilized strategies to grow your groups.
Watch the video to see the full breakdown!

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🧭 Video Chapters:

0:00 – Introduction
– 0:00 Introduction
– 0:44 – Who is Cory Barnes?
– 5:14 – Reasons why Facebook Groups Work
– 6:34 – Types of Facebook Groups
– 8:00 – Set Up Your Facebook Group the Right Way
– 11:21 – 5 Quick Ways to Grow Your Facebook Group
– 16:49 – How to Find Members to Join Your Group
– 18:29 – Ways to Keep Members Engaged
– 20:07 – How to Help People Generate Leads
– 22:51 – Facebook Group Accelerator – https://fbgroupaccelerator.com/
– 23:19 – BONUS: Free Guide – “The 6 Must-Have Apps Every FB Group Admin Needs” – https://fbgroupaccelerator.com/special31757429

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