✅✅How to Meet People and Make New Friends using Facebook Groups. 🆒⬇⬇Easy.

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How to Meet New People and Make New Friends using Facebook Groups. Easy.

Howdy and welcome to today’s video on how to meet new people and make some amazing new friends or even acquaintances using facebook groups.

Meeting new people can be fun and will also help you build and grow your network.

In today’s video we are going to walk through exactly how to make new friends, meet new people, meet more people and even WHERE to find them.

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So here is a super simple formula that everyday people including introverts can use with ZERO risk using simple facebook groups.

1. Go to the search bar and type in a topic that speaks to you, such as: hobbies, your high school, your college, your religion or even your politics.

**One thing I do is in the search bar type in “friends who live in Los Angeles” or where ever you live and it will show you people in your area and since they are on facebook lets assume most of them also want to make new friends or meet new people to add to their network.

2. Join several groups that have folks in them that are worthy of your attention. For example, I love flamingos… so I joined several groups of people who are fans of flamingos and have made some new friends this way.

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3. Once you are in the group, now the fun begins. For the next few days go in and COMMENT on at least a few posts each day. This will start to get you noticed and over time start to increase your influence. Always add VALUE to the post, do not try to be controversial. Remember we are trying to meet new people, make some new freinds and maybe even some connections.

4. Once you have added value in the group for a few days now you can send a friend request to people that are active and posting with a private message that shows you are paying attention to your new buddy!

5. Now here is the secret sauce once they are connected to you on facebook and you are in a conversation with them in chat or private message, now suggest jumping on a zoom or a call.

6. There it is, super easy and the best part is that at ANY point in the process YOU can be in control of the direction of the relationship.

This is a technique I use and teach every day to meet new friends, find new customers, reconnect with old highschool friends, and have even connected with people who share my same interests!

Give this a try, I promise it will become easier over time!

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